Week 3 ~ June 16-June 22, 2013 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Endive/Escarole blend, Head lettuce, Green Garlic, Sugar-Snap Peas, Kale or Chard, Beets or Carrots, Radish and Kohlrabi.


Endive/Escarole Blend: These greens are nicely bitter and fresh so they make for a welcome departure from plain lettuce. They can easily jazz up a salad, or be quickly braised and wilted for a nice side dish with some goat cheese and pears. The possibilities are endless.

Head Lettuce: More comes rolling in… Mostly frilly, curly heads.

Green Garlic: Do you prefer the green bulb or the scapes? The scapes are another word for the garlic tops of our hard-neck garlic varieties. They are just as wonderfully delicious as the bulb. Use green garlic generously.

Sugar-Snap Peas: These crisp, plump little pods of sweetness are yours for the next stir-fry, salad or handy snack fresh from the bag. We adore the Spring Pea Season and eating these raw for quick meals, between meals and in meals. Snappy sweet peas just go divine with ginger and green garlic. Here is a fun spicy recipe to try if you like it hot, omit the Siracha if not. http://www.kalynskitchen.com/2011/02/recipe-for-spicy-stir-fried-sugar-snap.html . Here is our lovely Rebecca bagging the Sugar Snap’s.


Kale or Chard: Both are looking great in the field so we will keep it coming your way. The bright, colorful stalks of chard are sweet to the taste right now so I wouldn’t be discarding them. The same is true with the kale. The first kale and chard of the season is more tender than it will be months from now.

Beets or Carrots: How can you tire of delicious spring roots? Have you cooked up any carrot yet? How about roasting your beets and adding pine nuts?

Kohlrabi: This is the Brassica of the week, the darling little sputnik-shaped, oversize turnips. Turnips without the turnip bite, tasting more like broccoli-stem, or instead think of them as mini-cabbages, as they make a sweet and savory Kohl-slaw. They are also nice raw, cut up with the rest of your raw veggie-snacks with a dip (or not). Here is a fun recipe out of the NY Times for Kohlrabi Home-Fries http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/07/health/research/kohlrabi-home-fries-recipes-for-health.html?ref=nutrition&_r=0 . Here is a photo of our friend Keaton eating a peeled kohlrabi like an apple!! Yum.


Radish: We had another radish planting coming on, perfectly timed for Week 3. Hopefully there is plenty of our ‘French Breakfast’ radish to go around for all. The flavor is picking up a bit in heat now. Enjoy ’em while they last as radish season (the root anyway) is nearing it’s end until Fall.

BERRY-SHARE: This week our Berry-share will have an element of diversity. Isn’t that exciting? For some, we will be picking what remains of our fine Strawberries, however picking is getting thin and new flowers are a rarity. Our ‘June-bearers’ are about done. We do have a row of blackberries that is always early however, and it looks like possibly later in the week some pick-ups will get those. Either way, we are now in Week 3 of our 10-week Berry-Share. Thanks.

FARM NEWS: It is a wonderful time out here on the farm! Many good foods coming on, plenty of mowing and tilling to do for all the transplanting we still have ahead. Trying to keep up on the weeds, but loving the diversity and abundance of life in the field. It’s almost Summer Solstice. I was out picking peas until 10’o’clock last night, but soon evenings working that late will be over. Our long work days will begin to slowly get shorter. Potatoes have been mounded again. The first big planting of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants are out, but with many more to go. Some beans and the sweet corn are up, with the big pole-bean planting scheduled to go in this week. The zucchini are just starting to flower. We have several kinds of exciting squash to try this year, summer and winter. Most of our pumpkin patch is in too. We are going to plant another row on Friday to ensure enough for all Member families with their children to come out and take them home! We sincerely hope everyone is enjoying the bounty thus far and there is much more to come. Thank-you! We couldn’t do this without you.



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