Bye-bye Winter….Here comes Spring 2013

After an inspiring day down in Corvallis for the Small Farms Conference at OSU, the thoughts and anticipations of the season ahead are now forming actual flavors in the mouth of the mind. It’s so close we can taste it. We out pour our thanks to so many of you wonderful members that have taken the time to sign back up with us and send payments in. We are just as quickly putting funds right back out with spending on seeds and inputs, the actual life-blood of our farm. Things are flowing, taking shape, changing and growing.

I deliberately have been  waiting for the perfect sunny day to take pictures of what’s happening out here, but without fail those particular two days have been completely loaded with a million other things to do. Alas pictures of Spring will not be up tonight. I look forward to sharing with you more of what is new and alive, warm and blossoming soon. Our January King cabbage that is not.


This years Small Farm conference was attended by two of us from our farm rather than just one, so some fresh ideas can truly resonate on the same page. This particular continuing education event is one of the best. For those of you unfamiliar with some of the extra winter tasks of farmers, convention attendance, seminars and the like are quite typical. You can learn a great deal from other farmers, like minded folks, and in the off-season we have that time to share collectively. More anyway. Information from better integrated pest management on particular crops to new and hidden heirloom seed varieties was gained. We also gathered tools for finer tuning our cropping system and our newly authorized, yet uninitiated SNAP program for our season ahead. These last days of February, first days of March always seem to truly light the proverbial fire in our hearts and minds, as well as under our asses. The forecast looks and feels pretty favorable. It’s time to get things done.

Love Farm Organics will be accepting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for our CSA this upcoming season. We look forward to helping provide what little opportunity we can for the best food to get to those who are most in need. The amount of social justice that comes with aiding and understanding all people deserve access to healthy, fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables is huge. Sound regional agriculture is a vital component of a healthy local community and CSA’s are about local food community. We are putting the pieces together logistically and on our web-site to help get the word out that we can now accept this program for our CSA. We are attempting to make it as easy as possible. Please help us spread the word. People wanting to use this program for purchasing our CSA share’s this year are asked to contact us directly. Much thanks.


The view above is one we don’t hope to see again this year even though we know well it is still possible. No. We are moving ahead, pushing forward, getting a fresh start on the Spring we hope to see in the near future. The  actual vernal equinox, the time of year when both length of day and length of night are approximately 12 hours long, or the start of Spring is literally weeks away, so yes, for now we are simply going to be the change we want to see in our world. I intend to have some new pictures of our lovely little piece of the world for you in the soon to be days ahead. I also expect that soon we will be nailing down a date for a spring work/meet & greet which will be announced. Between the said pictures and/or a farm visit, I will feel confident that most of you new to this will feel more confident with us and what we do out here. We can’t wait to be feeding you and smiling at you again soon! Thanks for visiting. Please check back!


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