Happy Holiday’s

Hello Friends and Family of Love Farm~

I’m hoping this finds you warm and cozy, nestled in with loved ones enjoying your holiday season and looking forward to the new year ahead. We decided that this winter season was going to be our travelling one (so we won’t need to travel for the next 5 years!). We commenced visiting relatives and friends here and there in mid November, and will be finished after the first of the year. Needless to say, it is tiring, but our little ones have been quite the troopers and everything has been and is going well. Kip and I have had much time to dream up new innovations, tools and methods for the new season. We are anxious to get settled back in to the farm, start sowing seeds and getting the plans in order. We are looking ahead to making 2013 the best season we have had yet.

I have started the process for our eligibility to accept the SNAP program for the new season. I am mostly finished, but need to have a quick class on some of the details and will hopefully schedule that in early January. If all goes well, I will announce in the weeks to come, our compatibility and acceptance of the state assistance program with our farm and the hope of increasing the number of families who can put healthy food on the table. Exciting!

Also, the very much overdue posting of our 2012 Harvest Party photos are below. I am still working on getting them out to you individually, but in-the-meantime you should be able to copy your own favorites from the gallery. A very special Thank-You to our good friend and professional photographer Tim Gunther for these. Also another huge thanks to all of you who made it out for the party in the pouring rain! We couldn’t do this without you, and hope you all know just how important to us you truly are.

Also, we are ready for membership sign-up for the 2013 Season. Well logistically…mostly. Please use the form on our web-site and reserve your share’s now, or as soon as you can. For returning member’s paid in full by February 1st, we offer a 5% discount to you. We appreciate your financial help early, so that we may use funds for our seed purchases and inputs, more than you can know. Thank-you for supporting our farm! We have given our costs a slight increase to reflect the times, and hope you can still consider us your Farmer’s for the year ahead. As usual, I am always open to working with you on payment plans or some barter. We want to continue to feed you at any costs! Your understanding of how we have chosen to make a modest living is completely appreciated. We LOVE our MEMBER’S! I’ll be in touch with more news after the first of the year, but until then Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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