Week 22 ~ Oct.22-Oct.28, 2012 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Celery, Potatoes, Onion, Winter Squash, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, a Brassica and Kale.

Celery: Nice bunches of crisp, flavor-Full celery along with their tops will be in everyone’s bags this week. Use in soups or salads or even simply with your favorite nut butter. The greens are pungent in the good way, and make a nice addition to soups or potatoes.

Potatoes: The very last of the remaining storage potatoes and onions will be together in paper sacks for everyone this week. For potatoes, it’s a mix of the russet-types, Yukon golds (smaller) and the red potatoes we grew this year.

Onions: The rest of our storage onions, small whites and some reds will be going home with you this week. Potatoes and onions are perfect starts to some good, comfy, cold-weather cooking. Mmm.

Winter Squash: Another round of everyone choosing a tasty winter squash to cook up. Most all the squash we grow can be stored for months. With the exception of acorn squash, which tend to only store for a few weeks. In the favor of storage and time with your squash, we have very little acorns this year, and instead many more of the excellent keepers.

Tomatoes: We will have a few smaller tomatoes for your shares this week. They are leaving us slowly, but not all gone yet. What an incredible tomato year it has been! I am so grateful for the bounty we have had specifically regarding the orbs of love this year.

Peppers: Another sweet medley of peppers for you this week. I appreciate them for their great storage qualities and versatility. We have them in everything from sandwiches to soups or sautee’s. A little spice can be very nice as well.

Eggplant: We are still pulling loads of these lovely, earthy-purplish-black gems from our field. Eggplants are seldom bothered by pests and they hold on the plant very well late into the season. Why not mix some eggplant into a nice scalloped potato/eggplant casserole this week? Recipe forthcoming…

Brassica: …For the week will most likely be more cabbage. We may have some remaining heads of cauliflower out there, but the Brussels sprouts we are holding for next week. Napa cabbage, reds and white cabbages are the headliners.

Kale: Another week of kale for the ‘big greens’ in the share. Lacinato (Dinosaur)  kale as well as some red Russian is being harvested and bundled and some smaller leaves will be in bags. If you get a bundle, the leaves are big and lovely yes, but you will want to remove the leafy part from the mid-rib prior to cooking. The thick stems this time of year can get to be a nuisance to cook down, however they make a great snack dipped in humus just as is.

FARM NEWS: This is an exciting week for us. We had a great time up in Washington at Applefest, an annual friends-get-together of apple-pies, caramel apples and jug after jug of freshly pressed apple cider!! So thankful to good friends, food and a cider-press! One day we aspire to have our own apple-press, but for now we will happily use our friends; plus we couldn’t ask for better friends. 😉

Now we look ahead to Oct. 27th for our 6th annual Farm Harvest Gathering. This year we have plenty of pumpkins for you to carve so please come out- Bring a dish to share and your family and/or friends and spend the day with us on the farm! We figure by now, most of you have already decided if you will be joining us or not, but if there are some last minute-ers still on the fence…allow me to tempt you. We’ll have a nice big fire down in the heart of our farm woods and roast s’nausages and s’mores. I provide several different kid-friendly beverages, and some adult beverages, but please bring your favorite adult beverages along. Bring chairs if you have them, but there is other stuff to sit on. We hope to set up some rock/pumpkin painting and some pumpkin carving tables for the little’s (safe carving tools only, and it will be supervised), a hay-ride in a wagon with our tractor around the farm (grown-ups are welcome :), smiling faces, tours, maybe some weeding and/or plenty of delightful conversation. It’s always a fun time rain or shine. We will have some pop up’s over tables and lots of tree canopy for cover. It looks like we’ll need it, as there is now a 40% chance of rain, ah well, tis Oregon after-all. Please dress accordingly with your rain gear and boots, as you will most likely get a little dirty.


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