Week 13 ~ August 20-August 26, 2012 CSA Newsletter

This Week’s Share:  Sweet Corn, Blueberries, Summer Squash, Cucumber, A Brassica, Beets or Carrots, Tomato, Pepper, Lettuce and a Farmer’s Choice Item.

Corn: Yes, there’s a bit more. Only offering two ears per half-share this week instead of four.

Blueberries: Half a pint for each half-share this week. Even though our berry-share is over for this season, a few do remain in the fields, tangy and tasty and hopefully a couple will make it home for your morning cereal.

Squash: Paddy-pans, scalloped darks, little rounds and of course the ever popular zucchini types are still ripe in the fields so home to your kitchens they go.

Cucumber: Delicious cold these crisp, refreshing melons are easy to please. Have you had your first cucumber and tomato sandwich yet this season?

Brassica: Looks like another week of heads of cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower will be rolling into the shares and onto your table.

Roots: Beets or carrots. The first of our super-sweet little yellow gem carrots are being harvested this week. They are a taste delight for certain, however admittedly the beets pack more bang for the buck with those delicious tasty greens.

Tomato: The beautiful red orbs of love are coming on thick now. We are picking daily to keep up with them! Hope you are enjoying them as much as we are.

Pepper: A couple colorful bells and sweet Italian bells (pointy and longish) will make it back into the share’s this week. They are delicious fresh and raw, or easily added to any vegetable dish cooked, steamed, or saute’ed. They are full of water content so keep that in mind when cooking with them. Also, they don’t need to be left cooking very long at all, 5 minutes or so is all.

Lettuce: Making another appearance in the share will be fresh, crisp and tasty lettuce greens. Either mixed bags or whole heads will get included in each half-share.

Farmer’s Choice: Most of you will be getting a bag of fresh green beans or a half-pint of cherry tomatoes, or even a couple eggplants for your mystery item this week. Quite possibly another item or two will get thrown into the mix instead. Please try to contain yourself, I know the suspense is killing you.

LETTUCE-SHARE: Greens of assortment, mostly lettuce.

FARM NEWS:  We had a wonderful last couple days. Lot’s of kids running around having water play in the veggie bins and tubs. Scouting for some recipes now….do check back, and have a great, healthy, happy eating kind of day!


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