It is May after all….

Here we are in the busy month of May. At the end of this month we finally begin the member’s long-awaited for distribution of delicious farm fresh foods. To top that off beautifully we even have sunshine! It looks like the tides have turned and the wet and cold of our long winter-spring may be behind us. As usual, we aren’t exactly counting on it. Farming is still a roller-coaster ride, especially this season, however we are feeling much better about our own understanding of it and the crops we grow and how that works on the land we have. This is officially our 7th season of doing our membership CSA and have a few years in now delivering to chefs. We feel blessed beyond belief at the loyal community of supporters gathered with and around us offering their financial and moral support as we continue on this journey. Feeding people is what we love to do, so the hard exhausting work is worth it. Now it is less exhausting than before. We have moved past the catastrophe and anxiety associated with carving out our place and getting established. With some firm roots we move forward. People are more than ready for fresh and local. People want food that tastes great, is produced in an ecological, minimal impact, non-factory way. Some want it with fair labor even and some actually want to know those farmers! Well 4 weeks from now starts the 24 week bag-o-goodness and we look forward to seeing you then. Thanks for supporting your farmer’s and local foods!


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