February Sunshine!

It’s an astonishing 53°F as I write this and already I feel guilty that I’m not back out in the sunshine as the girls are napping away. We were all out earlier enjoying it, spreading compost and manure and pulling weeds…and planting. Actually we have been outside and busy at the farm everyday last week and of late in what already feels like our regular Spring routine. Almost.

The sun has prompted me to update the blog and rattle on a bit about what we’ve been up to out here. Hopefully your holidays and snow days were wonderful times full of love and giggles like ours were. Alas, now that is far behind us, but before I get to far ahead, let’s all remember our last frost date on the farm is May 15th. And it would be just like these goofy, mild winters we’ve had to dump snow on us again in late April! Suffice it to say we have been seeding and prepping pretty much like we usually do in February and won’t be planting any corn anytime soon. Many flowers and herbs as well as onions and cabbage seedlings are underway on some heat in our greenhouse. It’s exciting to see life in there again. The winter work of tidying and field up-keep brought about the consuming task of major overhaul to some of our fields. Rotating crops in various fields has it’s regular set of unique challenges, however we made the big decision to turn a couple of our older fields into orchards. The first planting of new fruit trees on our farm took place in 2008. They are just starting to produce more fruits for us, yet not quite enough for all. The new fields we just finished planting are mainly apples, pears and plums. We went an interesting route choosing some lesser known varieties. It truly will be fascinating for us to have a nice supply of these fruits 4-5 years down the road.

We are excited to add to the big field one, or quite possibly two, high tunnels this Spring. These will be very nice in helping crops transition from winter to spring and from fall into winter. The goal is that the high tunnels will extend our season by having more desirable crops (besides just greens) in early spring and hopefully peppers, eggplant, melons and tomatoes until we end in November. Our little mico-climate out here has proven to be quite finicky when it comes to frosts and more than a couple times we have been nipped severely by it. So these will help that by providing more heat units.

We are aiming to have a Spring Work-Party this year. In years past we have only managed to have one in the Fall. But we can always use some early help and this way new member’s can get oriented and see their farm. Each year we farm we learn so much more and figure out better ways to succeed at it. This year will be our 7th CSA season! We hope it shows and we are looking forward to seeing your smiles again. It will be here before we know it!


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