Final CSA 2011 ~ Week 24 Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Kale, Lettuce mix, Garlic, Onion, Winter Squash,  Broccoli/Cauliflower, A Cabbage, and Peppers.


Happy Halloween!

Greens: We had to end the season with the delicious, after-first-frost, always tasty Lacinato and Russian Kale. Everybody should get a nice, healthy bunch of this blueish-green to purple colored good stuff. Remove from the mid-rib before lightly braising for even cooking. Delicious with merely salt and olive oil or butter.

Lettuce Mix: You all will get a hearty bag of lettuce mix, with baby spinach and other fresh, mild greens. Simply rinse and spin for your good-to-go salad this week. Lettuce-Share holder’s this week will be getting a bag of  delicious spinach, in addition to the lettuce mix.

Garlic: We are ending the season with a hefty paper sack of garlic for each share to take home. No, it’s not the prettiest stuff. With it’s super thin skin, these heads are coming apart and taking some bruising. And yes, there is chance of molds starting to set in on some of the heads. There lives too much moisture in our pole-barn. But, that is why you need to take it home and keep it dry. The flavor is still superior and will last for you, pending your care of this garlic. Don’t throw the sack down and forget about it. Rather lay heads out on a drying rack or screen, or shelf, or drawer, and keep cool and from moisture. Some of the cloves may want to root, but instead will await your culinary delights. Trim the base before cooking with it. If you throw a clove or two in the ground, you will indeed have your own green, Spring garlic! Enjoy…

Onion: Everyone will get an onion or two to end the season. They are mostly mild and flavorful.

Winter Squash: We are leaving you all with more winter squash. Remember they can sit for a while, so don’t rush into them. They are perfectly content to lay around until Thanksgiving, assuming you keep them dry and cool. In fact the flavors will get better with age.

Broccoli/Cauliflower: Everyone should get a bag or head of these tasty gems. We have the bright chartreuse Romanesco broccoli types and the pink all the way to electric purple cauliflower types mixed in with the more typical colored heads. Who always wants only that typical stuff, anyway? 🙂 Not us.

Cabbage: The wholesome and sweet pale green heads or the bright purple heads will be a round for you this week…in addition to your Broccoli/Cauliflower.

Peppers: We still have peppers for you. The sweet and the hot and a few somewhere in between. How about some more tasty salsa?

FARM NEWS: Ending the season is always bitter-sweet. There is still so much work to do, but you all will be sorely missed. We only hope that you have enjoyed this season and all the farm-fresh, organic food as much as we have. Growing and eating this way is our way of life and what we always will be doing, but the fact that we can feed others (you!) and make a living in the process is the huge bonus win. I, especially as Kip has not been at most pick-ups the last couple years, have formed some valuable friendships with many of you and I miss our weekly exchanges through the winter. Although I miss the laughs and the chats in the off-season, I so anxiously await Spring and the chance to see you and your little one’s faces again soon. We wish the very best for you, your families and friends through the wonderful joyous holidays and cozy winter festivities. We hope one day to offer a winter program, perhaps a bi-monthly box will soon be available, but sadly not this year. We have appreciated your membership in our farm family this season more than words can say and we truly honor and value the opportunity to have you back next season and do it all again.

Your Loving Farmer’s,

Kip and Amy


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