Week 21 ~ Oct.10 – Oct.16, 2011 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Braising Greens, Garlic, A Brassica (Broccoli or Cauliflower or Cabbage), Winter Squash, Cucumber, Fennel or Celery, Peppers and Tomatoes.

Braising Greens: We have yummy mustard’s and kale and some bright colorful Swiss chard for you to have your pick.

Garlic:  Still hoping you’ll enjoy another head of our hard-neck, culinary preferred, great flavored garlic.

Brassica: It’s some mixed bags of cauliflower and broccoli as well as full heads and cabbages.

Cucumber: I hope that you are seeing (and tasting) the versatility of this vegetable. Peeled and seeds removed, the cucumber is added to almost every meal and our kids love it. It’s crisp, lemony, melon-like flavor is good with everything. We think.

Fennel/Celery: Hoping to offer you all the choice and that you get the one you wanted.

Winter Squash: The acorn’s, red kuri’s, kabocha, hubbard, sweet meat and delicata’s as well as some banana and buttercup squash are aging gracefully in our fields and slowly being pulled into the barns where they await your home and meals. I’ll put some recipes up soon.

Peppers: Pepper yields still going strong. Enjoy the bright colors and sweet flavors.

Tomatoes: The supply is dwindling so enjoy the lasts of them.

FARM NEWS: How quickly the weather can change around here! It never ceases to amaze me. A rainy start to this week is now forecast to be changing for the better. Today was indeed a soaker, as it also looks like Friday will be. But then the days after look sunny and dry. I guess it is now the wet season. Good news for the Harvest Party in that the weather will be looking up. But, it’s only Tuesday so it still could turn around. We will accomplish much and have a good time out here regardless of the weather and are looking forward to hosting a great day for our members.

We are looking ahead to the end of the season with humble appreciation and discontent with mother nature. We have lost some battles with insect populations and blight. No potatoes this year, nor fall turnip, nor rutabaga. Brussels sprouts won’t be ready to end the season in the share either. So strange how different the year’s can be from the last. I remember trying to give away Brussels sprouts and potatoes last year! We have made it through the beets and carrots and to offer anymore root crops this season, would be a surprise. We’re looking good to give you a week of peas and of course many more delicious greens and peppers. We have certainly never had a year of as beautiful, tasty, sweet bell peppers as this year. We have made pepper stick snacks to go along with the carrot sticks and put them on most sandwiches, as well as roasted them often. I’m working on a winter squash and pepper recipe……

We are extra tired from working in heavy rains all day. It makes your clothes heavier. Enjoy the hunter’s full moon and the rest of your week. I am off to sleep now, but will add recipes tomorrow.

Our gracious thank-you’s to you for supporting our fresh, local, organically grown farm foods!


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