Week 15 ~ August 29 – September 4, 2011 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Celery, Beans, Sweet Corn, Peppers, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, a Brassica, Garlic, Beets or Carrots, Tomato, Basil or Cilantro and a half-pint of Blueberries.

Celery: We have more of our flavorful celery for your share’s this week. I hope you are enjoying it and not bogged down by those greens. If you don’t know what to do with the celery greens, you can chop them up a bit and freeze them in bags to use later in your delicious fall and winter soups.

Beans: More beans for all this week. We had a nice stand of beans considering the poor, late germination. We may not get another week out of them. If you didn’t make the salad recipe I posted last week, you have to try it now….we even have the fresh basil for you.

Sweet Corn: We are still harvesting delicious sweet corn for everyone. I’m going to freeze some this week, to have later in the Fall.

Peppers: A nice selection of peppers continues to ripen out in our fields. We bring you more bell’s this week and perhaps some other surprises. I love the bright purple, yellow and red bell peppers!

Cucumbers: Still harvesting delicious, crisp, cool cucumbers for your share’s. Try the round, yellowish lemon cucumbers. They are my favorite sliced after chilled with only sea salt.

Summer Squash: The summer-time main-stay vegetable is still going strong. Hope you are enjoying all the different types, colors and shapes and that you have tried them all. Sauteed, grilled or made into soup this vegetable is very versatile. I’ll post a nice recipe for a ratatouille this evening…

A Brassica: We still have beautiful broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower heads out in the fields, so that means we still keep them coming your way.

Garlic: More fresh, almost cured garlic, heads for your favorite meal. We hope to keep bringing it to you every week so why not splurge and roast a head? Yum.

Beets or Carrots: Some of you will get one and other’s the other. We are harvesting some colorful bunches of carrots this week with yellow, purple and orange ones. The beets still can’t be beat.

Tomato: My favorite vegetable is finally ripening the way we hope to see it…..gorgeous red orbs we can spot on the bushes from a far distance away. Kip and I enjoyed pure bliss last evening as we sampled many of the different types we are growing. Lets hope they keep a’comin’.

Basil or Cilantro: A nice bunch of basil or cilantro will make it out of our field and into your kitchen. It’s pesto or salsa making time!

Blueberries: The very last of the last bits of blue on the bushes are being picked today and early each morning until none remain. I think we will make it through the week so that all of you can try some. The berry season is done.

FARM NEWS: We are close enough to September that it feels okay to say Fall is right around the corner. Kids are soon to be starting school and preparations for the off-season months are already being discussed. The summer sure did fly by, or never really seemed to come much at all. This feels like the second or third year we’ve been saying that. Seasons change.

We had a great weekend. With the help of a dear friend we managed to get beans, beets, carrots and cauliflower pickled in addition to more cucumbers. Can’t wait to try them all!

We have been steadily working on getting all of the garlic out of the field. It is almost time to plant garlic again! We are thinking often about plans for our Fall Harvest Gathering/ Work Day on the farm now. A Saturday in early October is looking likely. Planting the garlic, or harvesting some potatoes will probably be a work activity. We start early with the work and then around noon we head to the woods for a fireside potluck and party. It’s a fun time and we hope to see you there!

Thanks for your support!


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