Week 13 ~ August 15-August 21, 2011 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Salad mix, Sweet Corn, Peppers, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, a Brassica, Garlic, Beets, Carrots, and Cilantro.

I really am loving the share this week. We have lots of great food!

Lettuce Mix: Everyone this week will get a delightful salad mix. Mostly lettuces. For folks with the lettuce-share, we are giving you something nice instead of more lettuce.

Sweet Corn: We are so happy to be picking the sweet corn this week. The tips of the ears are still pointed, but the sweet flavor is there. We should have more next week…enjoy!

Peppers: We have some nicely-sized, mild-flavored, colorful bell peppers for everyone this week, as well as some others of the hot and spicy variety.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers have been in our share for a couple weeks, but are truly reaching their best now in flavor. Most of you should be seeing the regular, long, green English variety. We also are packing the Boothby Blond cucumbers for you this week. They are the smaller whitish-green ones with great flavor and minimal seeds. We also are giving folks the round yellowish Lemon cucumbers. The yellower they are, the more lemony they taste, at least to me.

Summer Squash: The summer main-stay vegetable is still going strong.

A Brassica: This, for some is a head of cabbage. Some of which are actually humongous! For others of you it will be more broccoli or cauliflower.

Garlic: We have fresh, heavy heads of garlic for you all. Heavily full of great garlic-ness!

Beets: Oh how I love the beets! Once again we are growing some beets we are so proud of. The flavor is exquisite raw. I was shocked by this, as sometimes raw beets leave a bitter taste. Well not even our huge ones were bitter raw, and so sweet and delicious cooked. Also enjoy the beet greens (if you don’t mind sharing with the beetles 🙂 for a braising green this week. Peeling beets before you eat them isn’t necessary, but some of the rougher ones could stand to lose the outer skin. After boiling or roasting the skin easily slips away.

Carrots: We are harvesting a long and lean, cream-colored, unique-seed carrot this week called Belgian Blond or White. They taste great fresh, but a light steaming or boil can soften these up great with your beets….and butter.

Cilantro: We have nice-size bunches for everyone this week.

We are postponing berry-share a week. Sorry for the bad news, but we just don’t have enough fruit this week and decided to give the bushes an extra week to really flourish into larger yields. Berry-share will definitely be back next week. We may double it up again next week and end the season, or we may gently end the season over two weeks. This would be week 9 for berries but, as mentioned, next week will be week 9 instead. Thanks for your understanding members. We have the best members ever! We hope you feel pretty good about your farmer’s as well. 🙂

Your loving, caring, organically grown Farmer’s,

Kip and Amy


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