Week 10 ~ July 25-July 31, 2011

This Weeks Share: Lettuce, Kale, Garlic, Broccoli or Cauliflower, Beets or Carrots, Summer Squash, Blackberries and a Farmer’s Choice item.

Lettuce: It makes a comeback this week.

Kale: A lovely bunch of kale is your braising green this week. Some of you could get some bok choi.

Garlic: Gorgeous heads of nice green garlic. Mild, but garlic.

Broccoli or Cauliflower or Cabbage: The Brassica’s are in spades this week and hopefully we have one you enjoy. We are sorry that thanks to the myriad of ladybugs in the fields this season, we also have many aphid colonies about for them to feed on. We try and remove them best we can in our cold water, field-flush we do before packing, but please wash well before consuming.

Beets or Carrots: The carrots are sweet and the beets can’t be beat! If taking home beets, please remember that the greens are delicious too!

Summer Squash: Yep. More tantalizing squash in the share. Our member Marci from Forest Grove shared with me this recipe… http://www.ourbestbites.com/2011/01/baked-zucchini-fries/ . They sound perfectly easy and delicious. Her family devoured them.

Blackberries: A half a pint of our delicious blackberries make it into every half-share this week. Hope you enjoy them. We think for most of you we will have Marion berries.

Farmers Choice: Farmer’s Choice just means we are in between numbers of a crop for everyone. There are some cucumbers starting to show promise. Also, we have more fava beans for some of you. Did you use those up last week? Here’s another chance for a great fava bean meal to grace your table with a fine Chianti.

Berry-Share: For berry-share members this week we are still picking enough blackberries to go around. Some of you will get Marionberries. You will take home your two pints in addition to your half-pint with your vegetable share. It’s week 5 for berry-share with 5 more yet to come.

FARM NEWS: It poured out here today. This is a strange summer….but the weekend holds hot promises. Things are growing well on the farm. The tomato flowers are turning into green orbs. The barn swallows are bickering and the Western Swallowtails are gracefully sharing time with the hummingbirds at the flowers. Summer is here….albeit a cool one.  The vegetables are ripening though we have struggled at times to keep things from molding. It is a delicate dance around the moisture and dew of cool mornings.

So I have had the lap-top down for a few days. It is working properly again now. I will fill next week’s Newsletter with recipes, as this week is almost gone. We are starting u-pick blueberries this weekend. The fruits are setting well. Should be a warm weekend, or so they are saying, so it’s best to come out early before the heat of afternoon. Also, if you want a flat of Marion’s or blackberries from us, we are taking orders now. Please email me your requests. They will run 20-25 dollars a flat.

Also in pickle news I am hoping to hold the pickle-party on August 13th, Saturday around 9:30am. That is two weeks from this Saturday, and we estimate the pickling cucumbers should be thick out here by then. I’ll also have the dill and garlic. Just bring your own jars. It should be fun. I’ll get some fermenting going as well and demonstrate how simple it is.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us as we do this farming thing. Here’s one quarter of one row of harvested garlic hanging in the pole barn…yummy.

Happy, healthy eating!

Kip and Amy


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