Week 7 ~ CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share:  Head Lettuce,  Swiss Chard, Kale, Garlic Scapes, Cilantro or Dill, Sugar-snap or Snow Peas, Crown of Broccoli and Strawberries.

Lettuce: Nice heads keep rolling along…some of you may be getting our bag of mixed baby, lettuce-greens instead, but mostly we have heads.

Swiss Chard: The chard is growing well and tasting lovely. I have enjoyed ripping the stalks from the leaves of the chard and the kale and chopping them for our salads while braising the greens. Braised greens are about perfect when they are bright technicolor green colors.

Kale: This week we’re harvesting  the red Russian kale. It has a more delicate, approachable flavor than the frillier, blue-green varieties that are hardier and tougher. Most folks like to lightly cook kale before eating it. I’m always looking for new, exciting kale recipes. Send me yours.

Garlic Scapes: Again we are harvesting the garlic scapes (the tops) for you. Hope you are enjoying the mild, subtle garlic flavor.

Cilantro or Dill: Why not choose the opposite one from last week? Be crazy.

Snap-Pea or Snow-Pea: More peas, hooray! Likely you have had the pleasure now of a crisp, sweet, snap-pea. It breaks where you bite it, clean, firm, loud and clear, and snappy. Young tender snow-peas break cleanly raw as well, but aren’t as sweet and they are best in stir-fry. Larger snow-peas can get tough.  More mature snap-peas can too. But, mostly if you find a pea bite very tough and stringy and it doesn’t break down no matter how long you chew it, you most likely have eaten a shell-pea. These peas are grown for the tender, tiny, round green things inside the pod. Not for an ‘edible’ pod. Please advise that we are sorry some pea bags have gotten mixed up and may contain the lot. However, the ‘un-edible’ pods have a wonderful use in making a vegetable stock, or even a pea soup base. Also, bunnies like them.

Broccoli Crowns: Wonderful. Steamed a heap for dinner this evening. Add salt and butter. Yum. Finally our broccoli crop is beginning to make a show about here.

Strawberries: Again we offer a handful of these luscious, red, plumply sweet gems to all of our members. Hope you are enjoying them. They will soon be gone.

BERRY-SHARE Holder’s: Week 2 for berry-share offers yet two more pints of delicious strawberries. You will either receive our Hood’s or the Tillamook’s. Eight more weeks of berries are yet to come for you. We are getting more of that sun….and we are seeing more red in the fields. This is good news.

We hope everyone had a great and safe Independence Day holiday….More to come soon.

Hoping…yet to put up a couple recipes. Please check in later.

Thank-you for your support!


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