Week 24 ~ Our Final Week of CSA 2010 Newsletter

This Weeks Vegetables: Braising Mix, Potatoes or Beets, Cabbage or Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli or Turnips, Radish bunch, Celery bunch, Tomatoes, Garlic, Winter Squash and a Pepper Medley mix.

  • Braising Mix: The fresh harvest bag of greens this week will be a healthy mix of Asian and mustard greens. We are hoping to mix in plenty of chard or kale to help offset the super strong flavors of the mustard greens. Sautee or steam these greens and then add strong, sweet complementing flavors like goat cheese, apricots or cran-raisins or candied nuts.
  • Potatoes or Beets: Both have been very tasty the last couple weeks. The potatoes are wonderful baked, mashed or fried. If you keep them in a cool, dark and most importantly dry place they will last for months. The beets have great looking and tasting chard greens on them so don’t forget to add those to your braised greens mix this week while cooking your meals.
  • Cabbage or Brussels Sprouts: The remaining cabbages are being gathered from the fields after a huge run of months it seems. The stalks of brussels sprouts that were left behind last week are getting cut this week as well. You should get your choice of tiny little cabbage balls or one big, healthy head.
  • Broccoli or Turnips: Yep, we are still cutting broccoli in the fields. Some pretty beautiful large heads even! We really have been enjoying the purple sprouting broccoli. It’s tiny heads on several longer stalks all bunched together make it most interesting and the flavor is better than regular broccoli to me. You should have a choice this last week of some broccoli or a nice bunch of small, tender, flavorful turnips.

  • Radish bunch: Fun bunches of various radish add a nice spicy element to the share this week. We bring you some round, some long, some fat, some skinny….whatever you get, we hope you enjoy the fresh fall radish. I know some look like purple and red carrots, but nope~ they are radish.
  • Celery bunch: For the last week we bring you more of our farm fresh celery. The celery with flavor! The dark green and redish stalks are great fresh or chopped up and added to soups and stir-fries. We love the greens too, and use them like parsley.
  • Tomatoes: Still some yummy, heirloom varieties remain and some tough skinned varieties. They are both meaty and flavorful, but some may need some counter-top time before they come to optimal ripened flavors. I am already discouraged by thoughts of tomatolessness. I made another big pot of marinara sauce over the weekend and am going to post my ‘eggs-in-sauce’ tutorial this evening if you are interested.
  • Garlic: More delicious garlic for you to hoard for winter.
  • Winter Squash: Another year of low winter squash turn-out. At least those of you who were here for the bumper crops we’ve had in the past, know that we can grow them. Some strange effects of low summer heat seemed to cause this years plantings to yield weak amounts. Enough of that….you have them this week anyway! We have many different kinds but in low numbers. Some of you will have acorns, butternut types, kuri, koboucha, dumpling, delicata, sweet meat and/or culinary pumpkins. They should last for weeks and often taste better with age, just don’t let them freeze. Next year we will hope to bring you more.
  • Pepper Medley: We’ll round out your final share of the season with the last of our farm peppers. You all should get a variety to choose from, some hot and some mild. Peppers are a great addition to salads, sandwiches and sauces. They can’t be beat stuffed with cheeses either!

FARM NEWS: So here ends our 2010 CSA shareholder season. We’ve had a great time this year and continue to learn so much about farming and feeding folks. From what we’ve heard from many of you this season has been better than satisfactory and in fact more than you anticipated in taste, variety and quantity. Hooray!  Farmer Kip and I feel that we farm better each year and continue to learn greatly from your input positive and negative. We honor your suggestions and feedback on every facet of what we do. We anticipate a new drop-off location for our Wednesday’s next season possibly closer to Hillsboro, and perhaps a second location in the Beaverton area. We are happily looking into designs for t-shirts and market totes this winter. We think it’s probably time for that. Also there is much work to be done on the web-site and the blog this off season so stay tuned. I’ll be updating on facebook as well.  I do update the blog over the winter so check in periodically to see what’s new on your farm. Thanks for your support and another wonderfully fresh year!! We can’t do this without you and we’re so grateful to have you in our lives. Here’s to eating farm fresh and local over the winter……maybe in the not to distant future we can help you with that. An early Happy Holidays…peace and good will to all!

Your farmers~

Kip and Amy


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