Week 22 ~ Oct.18 – Oct.24

This Weeks Share: Kale, a Brassica (Cabbage or Broccoli), Radish bunch, Celery, Beets or Beans, Tomatoes, Corn, a head of Lettuce, Garlic, Potatoes and a bonus Summer Item of Farmer’s Choice.

  • Big Green: The other than lettuce greens this week are kale. The first frost out here on the farm has already hit and that means kale is getting sweeter and tasting better. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Brassica- Cabbage or Broccoli: You will be getting one or the other.
  • Radish: A nice crispy bunch of spicy, colorful radish make the share this week.
  • Celery: Everyone will get a flavorful bunch of cutting celery this week. The greens of this celery are a very fair substitute for parsley and are great in soup or sauces. We munch on the small stalks raw….yum.
  • Beets or Beans: Some of you will get the remaining snap-string beans this week, while the rest of you will get a nice bunch of beets will beautiful greens.
  • Tomatoes: We still have tomatoes out here on the farm, but we have had some frost and are worried about how the cold will effect production. Some of you may get tomatoes picked a bit green, but just give them some counter time and they should ripen up nicely for you.
  • Corn: This is the very last of our sweet corn. Stick a fork in it….it’s done.
  • Lettuce: This week you all get a small head of lettuce. There are many different types and textures to choose from, but all equally refreshing.
  • Garlic: You all get another nice head of our 2010 garlic. We didn’t get it all planted yesterday!
  • Potatoes: This week we are digging and bagging potatoes for everyone. Hope you enjoy the flavor of these pink and red varieties.
  • Farmer’s Choice: The bonus item for this week will be one of the summer crops we still have out in the field but in lower numbers. Some examples might be cucumber, melon, eggplant or some peppers.

FARM NEWS: A huge Thank-You first to everyone that made it out for the Harvest Gathering and Garlic Planting! It was a huge success and a really fun day. I plan to sort through the photos and post some soon. All the kids (and adults) seemed to really enjoy the hay-ride. The fire was certainly not necessary, as the weather couldn’t have been more perfect, but the s’mores were also a hit. And we planted a record amount of garlic this year! Thanks again! We couldn’t do what we do without you. 🙂

We are embarking on week 22 and have only two more after this. We are working hard to ensure you all get everything we have left in the fields to offer this season. This has been one of our best years for growing and yields despite the strange weather. We look forward to repeating it again next season and then some. Hope to see you in the weeks ahead. I’ll send out an email to everyone on our mailing list before and after the holidays reminding folks to keep us on your radar…….spring will be upon us again before we know it.

Until next week…your farmer’s Kip and Amy


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