Week 21 ~ Oct.11 – Oct.17 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Rapini or Radish, a Brassica, Cucumber, Summer Squash, Peppers, Tomatoes, Beans, a bag of mixed Lettuce Greens and Garlic.

  • Rapini or Radish: Well sorry green lovers…no big greens this week! However, some of you will get small greens on tender stems topped with mini broccoli-like heads in the Fall’s first crop of rapini. This is a very quick parboil or steamed vegetable best with butter. We hope you enjoy it. It tastes like a cross between turnips and broccoli. Some others of you will get a bunch of fresh crisp and spicy radish.
  • A Brassica: The brassica for this week will be either broccoli heads or cabbage.
  • Cucumber: The lovely, never bitter, cool crisp cucumbers remain in our fields and your shares.
  • Summer Squash: We are pleased to see that we still have summer squash on the vine for you in absence of the winter squash which we are lacking in this year. There will be some delightful winter squash gems, just not as much as we would have liked.
  • Peppers: Again a pepper medley of some form will be in the share for you. Hope you are enjoying the unique colors, shapes, sizes and flavors. I love the small, funky yellow ones.
  • Tomatoes: Many types of tomatoes remain on the farm. We will continue to harvest them for you until the end. It is truly amazing how the season can turn around and make barren into bounty! Again a hooray for us all. I made a big pot of sauce again this weekend….yummo.
  • Beans: The string beans are still on the vines and bushes so we have them for you this week as well. We had some plantings turn around for us and now we reap the reward. Likely by next week these will be replaced by potatoes. We hope you enjoy our farm fresh golden yellow, green or purple snap/string beans in your share’s.
  • Lettuce Mix: Everyone gets a nice bag of our popular lettuce greens mix this week! It is tasty…lots of baby kale and mustards with some delicious lettuces. It looks like beautiful carpets of shades of green in the field and needs to be shared with all of you.
  • Garlic: Our fresh 2010 garlic makes it back into the share. Hope you have used down your supply and are ready for more!

FARM NEWS:  Here is week 21 with 3 more to go. We are in the home stretch of our CSA season and for us it’s bittersweet. We will miss seeing all your faces, chatting and sharing at the pick-ups and getting out into the world four days a week. However, I am ready to bunker in and work on projects this winter. My favorites being farm renovation, yarn crafts and soap making and I dream of being productive with them again. There is also always plenty to do out here on the farm, even in the off season. There will be lots of clean up and put away. We have an enormous amount of planning for our CSA 2011 to do, and work on the web-site to finish…..it won’t be dull around here that is for certain. We are looking ahead to make sure that with each week remaining, your share is filled with every possible thing we have to offer.

This coming weekend is our annual Fall Harvest Party and we hope to see you out here. I was going to rewrite all the details, but I did that once two weeks ago (see the bottom of this post…https://lovefarmorganics.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/week-19-sept-27-oct-3-csa-newsletter/ ). If you have been curious about your farm or just want to get out of the house this coming beautiful Sunday, come on down! We really would love to have you. Thanks!


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