Week 18 ~ Sept.20 – Sept.26 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Swiss Chard, Sweet Corn, Cucumber, Summer Squash, Peppers, Tomatoes, Celery, Italian Plums and Farmer’s Choice .


  • Swiss Chard: This week the big greens for you are swiss chard greens.
  • Sweet Corn: More corn this week….. Enjoy!
  • Cucumber: Yes…more never bitter, fresh and crisp cucumber for you.
  • Summer Squash: The plants are still producing and the fruit still tasting fresh and delicious.
  • Pepper Medley: Everyone will also get a nice bell pepper or two, or an assortment in the share this week.
  • Tomatoes: We have more tomatoes for everyone this week. Thankfully our bushes are slowly producing more red hues of fruit as the days go on. We gratefully pass them on to you. If you haven’t yet, you should try a cucumber-tomato sandwich!
  • Celery: More leafy cutting celery this week. I have dried a few bunches of the leaves….they are a very nice parsley substitute.
  • Italian Plums: We have some great Italian Plums from our orchard and an abandoned field down the road that belongs to friends. All are completely spray-free of course. Enjoy some sweet plum sauce or eat them raw.
  • Farmer’s Choice: This week your farmer’s choice item may be as random as we get. Anything from cabbage to melons, beets to broccoli or maybe even another fennel bulb. We also have more melons that some of you may get or even onions and garlic. Whatever you get, we hope you are not disappointed.

FARM NEWS: Hello members! Hope you are having a nice week. I took my sister and niece along with Ava and Zoe to the beach yesterday and we missed out on pick-up and uploading this week’s photo. We’ll have a lovely photo back for you next week. Everything is growing well on the farm. We are picking more tomatoes, peppers, melons and even some beans as they are slowly coming on. It is starting to feel like Fall, but the warm humid air has also been like a late summer. Hopefully the season will creep along nicely as is into our final weeks of this season. I will have all the details on our Harvest Party next week. Save the date, Sunday the 17th of October. Bidding you a wonderful start to Autumn this week. Until next time….Best~

Your farmers and all at Love Farm Organics 🙂


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