Week 17 ~ Sept.13 – Sept.19 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Collard Greens, Sweet Corn, Cucumber, Summer Squash, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggplant and Farmer’s Choice .

This weeks vegetables are a wonderful array of summer. Finally some crops are ripening that are reminiscent of hot, sunny days and long nights….too bad the days are noticeably shorter, cooler and darker. Here we are at week 17 with 7 more to go this season. I want to let our member and guest blogger Lesley Rush take center stage with her tasty words. More about your vegetables this week and your farm below…

Lessons from the Veggie Bin

My CSA share continues to reveal interesting things about the world and about myself as I eat through the weeks.

Revelation #1: I have a split personality.   In a sort of “Chicken or the Egg” puzzle: I eat therefore I run OR I run therefore I eat.  Either way, eating and running are my primary occupations.  These dueling personalities have come head to head (pun intended) this summer.  While my runner-self has enjoyed this summer’s cooler temperatures and the many cloud-covered mornings, my eater-self has been sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for tomatoes and peppers and all of the bounty that lingering, warm summer days bring.  While I enjoy the opportunity to sleep in mornings knowing that the evening will be mild and a sunset run will be fine, I have grumbled about the quality of peaches–there hasn’t been enough heat to transform their flesh to sweetness that drips down my arm.  Joy and disappointment on each calendar day.  Eating with the seasons, I haven’t run out to buy a lot of these warm weather veggies, so I’ve secretly been holding out for a ROY G BIV full color spectrum week of vegetables, but I don’t know that it’s going to happen this year.

Revelation #2: I am a lazy cook.  I have always loved beets.  Both the canned variety served by my grandma reviving food memory and the local kind  I’ve hoped would be featured in a salad at fancy, catered work dinners.  But when I received beets with my weekly share, I stared at them with some annoyance.  I needed to either boil or roast them, then remove the skins in order to prep them for eating.  That’s a lot of work.  I went the roasting route and chunked up the bunch of purple-red and gold beets with a small amount of water.  I cooked them for 45 minutes until tender.  Then, I began rubbing off the skins and the reddish liquid stained my hands, the cutting board and got under my fingernails.  I struggled to get the skin off of many of them and gave up.  I eat the skins of potatoes, carrots and I’ve even tried fuzzy kiwi skin before.  I’d eat these beet skins too.  But this got me thinking: I am a lazy cook.  To those I’ve fed who have dirt phobias, I’m sorry.  Sometimes I don’t wash the vegetables.  Carrots, I give a half- hearted scrub under running water; greens a quick rinse.  And, knowing that we’re eating organic veggies, I suppose I’ve become even more lax.  I’m not worried about pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Dirt won’t hurt, right?

Revelation #3: I am saving nearly $40 per week on my grocery bill, yet we’re eating a greater variety, a healthier menu, and more seasonally.  We’re allowing the earth to provide what it can, and our farmers have generously harvested quite a bounty each week.  We often have more to eat than we need and I’ve been fortunate to share with others.  With my grocery savings it does make me wonder: how do we use this Community model to improve food equity?  How can we get more of these nutritious foods, at reasonable prices, into the hands of folks who need them most?  I love the fact that Love Farm offers work-food shares–providing these wonderful vegetables in exchange for work on the farm!  I’m thankful to be a part of this community share that is helping to improve access to local, organic food for all.  But, is there more we can do?

I wonder what have you learned about your eating, about the foods we are enjoying as a result of the Farm Share Experience?

Thanks,  Lesley


  • Collard Greens: This week the big greens for you are collard greens.
  • Sweet Corn: Our next stand of sweet corn is getting picked for you all this week. The ears are just a touch under fat and ripe, so the kernels will all be super sweet and delicious. This corn will even tolerate to sit a day or two. Enjoy!
  • Cucumber: Yes…more never bitter, fresh and crisp cucumber for you.
  • Summer Squash: The plants are still producing and the fruit still tasting fresh and delicious. I don’t mind using the various summer squash most of the season…hope you don’t either.
  • Pepper Medley: Everyone will also get a nice bell pepper or two, or an assortment in the share this week. We have green ones, some yellow and some in shades of purple for you. The typical bell shapes are the mild, sweet ones. The longer, thin ones are Anaheim type chilies and then you may also get hot Jalapeño or Serrano’s.
  • Tomatoes: We have more tomatoes for everyone this week. Thankfully our bushes are slowly producing more red hues of fruit as the days go on. We gratefully pass them on to you. Try a cucumber-tomato sandwich!
  • Eggplant: The delicious, purple, oddly-shaped vegetables are back for you this week. Slice these up with your summer squash and sauté….yum!
  • Farmer’s Choice: This week your farmer’s choice item may be as random as we get. Anything from cabbage to melons, beets to broccoli or maybe even another fennel bulb. Whatever you get, we hope you are not disappointed.

FARM NEWS: Things here at the farm are going very well. We have been pleased with the strange weather because things are still growing surprisingly well. Strange weather that still allows this is really great! We are welcoming some melons and some beans to the ripe and ready family…..but not enough for all. I’m hoping we can still get some bigger yields there. Fingers crossed for no cold freezes before our time. Our time is late October…..so we’ll see. We have been pretty distracted with my sister and her daughter visiting us from Arizona. Some of you may get to meet them yet. It’s been a real treat having the cousins together 🙂

We have also decided to host our annual Fall Harvest Gathering on Sunday, October 17th. Mark your calendar!! More details on this soon. Have a great week members. Thanks for your support!

Your farmers, Kip and Amy


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