Week 12 ~ August 9th – August 15 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share: Chard or Collards, Broccoli/Cauliflower/Cabbage, Onions, Garlic, Cucumber, Summer Squash, Carrots, Beets and Sweet Corn.

  • Chard/Collards: Your big greens this week are colorful chard or hearty flavored collards. I’ll ask again…what is a CSA share without tasty greens? We don’t know because we always have them! Or at least we try to anyway. The days of lettuce in the regular vegetable share have wound down…..please enjoy your hearty greens in all your favorite lettuce ways.
  • Broccoli/ Cauliflower/ Cabbage: The cruciferous explosion continues, but this week you may have any one or all of the three in your share. If you are tired of your cauliflower and broccoli why not try a savory soup? I think this recipe for a broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage soup sounds divine http://www.nibbledish.com/people/sosayi/recipes/roasted-broccoli-cauliflower-and-cabbage-soup. You could easily substitute the chicken broth for vegetable stock.
  • Onions: Nice sweet Walla-walla onions arrive in the share for you again this week. They are turning in to a summer mainstay…hope you are pleased.
  • Garlic: Another head of our 2010 harvested garlic for you this week. The garlic has cured a couple weeks now…. tasting better as the days go on. If your surplus is overflowing, roast some with your beets this week….yum!
  • Cucumber: More cucumbers for the weekly share. I can not get tired of these and love them for raw snacking. Even the larger ones have been delicious peeled and cubed with salt and a dash of vinegar. Some of you may get our wonderful Suyo Long cucumbers….these are burpless and bitter free, great for bread and butter recipes or raw snacks. Oh and they are long!
  • Summer Squash: We have more delicious squash for you this week. The squash is tasting more flavorful to me now, how about you? I am using more of the yellow crooknecks lately, in addition to the yellow zucchini’s. The color is so happy on the table. Here is a great site with lots of helpful recipes and info http://www.healthy-recipes-for-kids.com/yellow-crookneck-squash-recipes.html. The site does a good job at helping you along with the task of cooking vegetables for kids and having them like them! Of course, you can’t go wrong with doing something sweet with your squash. If you missed the fabulous zucchini bread recipe last week here it is again…..thanks Steve! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sophies-Zucchini-Bread/Detail.aspx .
  • Carrots: Our delicious sweet carrots are back this week! We are really loving the bounty of carrots this year. They were delicious in a carrot cake I made over the weekend and I am going to add some to my zucchini bread and muffins this week too. Try something savory with yours, if they last that long. They are also wonderful for snacking raw.
  • Beets: Delicious, beautiful, wondrous beets….how we love thee! Yes, everyone will get a nice bunch of beets this week. We have grown deep red and golden ones. Summer beets are especially sweet and succulent. Beets are just beautiful. Just for fun, do a beet image search on Google……wow there are some pretty beet pictures out there…what eye candy! Beets are one of my favorite vegetables. I like them boiled, steamed or roasted. Here is a lovely roasted beet recipe http://alovelymorning.blogspot.com/2009/06/roasted-beets-in-their-arguably-finest.html . After boiling (or roasting) beets, the skins slip off easier than peeling them raw. But if you need red stained hands for something, just peel them raw. People love em or hate em…..some have said they taste like dirt…..I ask, what is so bad about that? They actually taste like ruby-earth-jewels-of-love if you ask me. There are some fabulously different beet recipes in Farmer John’s Cookbook (you should get this book if you are serious about your farm fresh food!). If you really don’t like beets, however there are also plenty of recipes for including them with chocolate in something like this http://straightfromthefarm.net/2009/08/24/from-the-archives-beet-cake/. Let me know how you like your beets.
  • Sweet Corn: Oh how I love the sweet corn! We are happy to be harvesting it, albeit perhaps a tad early. It is new, tender and deliciously sweet and we thought it would be nice for you to enjoy some this week. There are many things to do with your corn, my favorite being eating it fresh on the cob after a quick blanch/boil with salt and butter. I salt everything, but this corn certainly doesn’t need it. The girls love munching on the ears raw! If you are a fan of seafood this scallop recipe with corn salsa looks decadent and delicious http://www.gastronomersguide.com/2009/07/seared-scallops-with-corn-salsa-and.html. I love scallops….but could enjoy this sweet corn salsa simply over a piece of whole wheat toast and hummus….mmm!

BERRY SHARE:  Now is Week 9 for our berry-share holders with 1 more to go. This week we have our tasty blueberries again for you.

FARM NEWS: Here we are at week 12 and a very stormy looking Monday. This will not ripen our tomatoes and peppers any sooner!! The coolness and clouds of the next few mornings are supposed to be giving way to warm (muggy!) afternoons. Later today the sun did make a brief appearance. They are saying the week is going to end with some hot days so summer is not over yet.

We are happy to have more root crops for you this week as we patiently bide our time waiting on the summer crops to come to peak perfection. It shouldn’t be long now. The peppers and tomatoes are slowly ripening. It’s fun to watch the green globes of new tomatoes in the rows turn to shades of orange and then red. Soon we will be bringing you those and peppers, eggplants and beans as well. August is truly a transition month on the farm as the cool crops make way for the sun-lovers…….We say bring it on.

Happy Marci leaving the farm with her bags full of good stuff!

Until next time…Happy Eating!!

Yours truly,

Farmer’s Kip and Amy


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