CSA Member Lesley Blogs about the farm…….

Hello Member’s and Friends,

Our NE Portland CSA Member Lesley is sharing her thoughts and opinions on her experience with our farm. We appreciate and welcome her super fresh enthusiasm, perfectly ripe honesty and richly flavorful sense of community. Her freedom to write just what she thinks and feels has encouraged some of you to respond and I still have yet to post from Patti in Forest Grove,  her responding with a radish recipe to Lesley’s response! Without further ado, here is Lesley and her second blog entry I have copied and pasted it below…..

Pulling a Veggie All-Nighter

I wonder how many of you are like me? I pick up my half share on Tuesday afternoons in NE Portland.  That means I take a reusable grocery bag to work, then ride my bicycle over to the drop spot and eagerly fill my bag with what’s fresh that day.  Today I made the choice for broccoli over cabbage, but made sure to pick up fava beans instead of the tempting old standard: snap peas.  I try to balance familiar favorites with veggies that I hope will become new favorites.  That’s one of the things I love about eating with the CSA–I don’t get to eat monotonously; the variety changes weekly!

Once I pedal home, I lay out the selection on the table and review what looks tasty with my sweetie as I bag things up for the fridge.  Throughout the week we’re blessed with all of these treats–I feel so fortunate to have what seems like a never ending supply of pesticide free, farm fresh food; I’m still getting used it–that we eat in familiar preparations like salads and stir fries and rice bowls.  BUT, as the weekend rolls to an end, and I’m facing Monday morning, I become keenly aware that I’m going to be receiving another big bag of veggies in just two days.  Sunday evening I relax and dismiss this pressing fact.

Monday evening, the pressure is on–this is where the veggie adventure parallels cramming for exams or burning the midnight oil on a term paper or project.  I’m forced to take stock of what’s left in the crisper bins and do something to make room for the following day’s arrivals.  This cramming behavior has resulted in greater use of the freezer: Kale Pesto will taste great drizzled over grilled peppers later this summer.  And  I have tried more adventurous recipes–when I finally turned to Farmer John for advice on how to use the bag of chicories I avoided all week, out of the oven came a rich and savory rice & greens casserole with no hint of bitterness.

I know we’ve all allowed some bag of vegetables to get buried in the bins, only to wilt and turn slimy and move silently to the garbage or compost.  Not with my CSA Share.  I am filled with an urge to use every bit of food, see none go to waste.  Why am I compelled so?  The obvious reason is that with the pipeline flowing I have to keep up with the supply.  I can’t just wait to visit the store until I’m out of carrots, lettuce and greens.  More is coming whether we’re ready or not.

But the greater reason is that I feel a deep sense of connection to this food that I will never have with a bunch of onions from the grocery.  As a member of this Community, I believe that this food is ours, that we as members have a stake in the success of the harvest as well as in how it nourishes our bodies and our minds.  And we have a responsibility to the farmers who work hard to bring us this delicious food, and to each other as we share in the experience of eating it to not waste it, to realize our good fortune and opportunity.  I hope that this lesson will carry over to my bunch of grocery onions once our CSA season is over–that food is not a luxury.

So, are you like me?  Are you doing your best to eat the best veggies around?


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