Week 3~ June 7 – June 13 CSA Newsletter

This Weeks Share:  Lettuce, Chard-Spinach Medley, Radish, A Big Green, Onions and Garlic Scapes or Green Garlic.

  • Lettuce:  More spring lettuce greens for your share. We have many different types and varieties to choose from. I have been loving the Butter-heads lately.
  • Chard-Spinach Medley: My other favorite greens! Chard and spinach have similar flavors and therefore compliment each other very well in salads, soups, sauté and stir fries. Chard, also known as the greens of beets, has young leaves that are mild and tender like spinach does and therefore fine raw in salads. Mature chard and spinach leaves and stalks are typically cooked to rid any bitterness. The flavor is distinct and refined. Chard has bright colored stalks as well as white ones. The spinach with it is all green.
  • Radish: The radish this week are likely mixed. Some of you will get the standard red globes and/or easter-eggs but some of you may have Daikon radish. These are long, slender and white but very similar in flavor and used the same as any other radish. Radish are great sliced for raw snacking or cooked to reduce their heat.
  • Big Green:  This may either be Kale, Collards or Bok Choi. As farmer Kip said this morning  it will be one of the “big greens”. In “big” he means meaty and hearty and not for the feeble. None of the greens are particularly big as in overgrown. We just haven’t had the sun for that. This green in your share will make an excellent braised side dish to any meal.
  • Onion: A nice bunch of sweet spring onions and crisp greens to use as scallions. Hopefully you like us, love the spring onions for their versatility. They are not quite hot yet and the greens are delightful in salads.
  • Garlic Scapes:  This is another delicious spring treat. Hopefully everyone wants more spring garlic flavor! The scapes are the seed/flower head of the garlic plant in bud stage. They are similar in flavor to the green garlic and without the bite and heat of garlic cured. The easiest solution to this weeks garlic is simply mince the entire scapes with almonds or pine nuts, a handful of spinach (or chard) parmesan cheese, a little lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt and you’ve got a wonderful pesto. Or you can cut them up like green beans and sautee for ten minutes and serve with butter. If that all fails you can always chop them all up and add to whatever your cooking, or let the kids wear them on their arms. 🙂

I have heard raves from our member Tenille in Beaverton about this recipe. She used the onions, chard and garlic from her CSA share and said it turned out fabulous. I am a kalamata olive – red wine kind of cook myself…so I’m trying it tonight. yum. The recipe is by the Italian expert Giada De Laurentiis courtesy of the food network~


Thanks Tenille for sharing!

Today I have caught small glimpses of the sun. It is trying to dry up out there. But after the weekends inch and half of rain, I have my doubts that summer and sunshine will remember us….What a soaking-spring we have had! Despite the wet all things look to be growing well. Peas and the brassicas are a few weeks out yet, but all things considered on track. All squash summer and winter has made it into the fields. Most of our summer stuff has been sown or almost all transplanted. Many a ripe strawberry have been found this weekend, but not yet enough for the lot of us. Berries will be here very soon, however and hopefully won’t go to fast for us to enjoy! In the down pour of yesterday a friend and I managed to pick the biggest and the ripest strawberries from the field. We had a little helper who took bites out of them all before placing them in the bucket! Ava held up well in the rain tho. At least we know she won’t melt. 🙂 Well enjoy your week. Looking forward to seeing you in the days to come.


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