Less than 3 weeks to go before we start our CSA!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

After a very cold night, we now have some clear sky and sunshine. The hailstorms of yesterday have moved on and the rest of the week’s weather looks promising. But not after the serious cold scare for tonight! If you already put your cherry tomato starts out, you may be watching the thermometer this evening. It is expected to freeze out here. Farmer Kip, my uncle and my father are running around getting all the irrigation up and running just in case we need to turn things on tonight to prevent the flower buds from freezing. Spring is always an anxious and completely unpredictable time and this one is no exception. However, once we make it over the hump of Mother’s Day we are usually pretty safe from late frosts and the possible crop devastation because of it.

Some pictures of babies biding their time in the greenhouse. 🙂

So hopefully everyone read the recent letter we sent out to member’s and marked the CSA start date on your calendar. We are looking good and on track to start bringing you food as scheduled. It’s still hard to tell you exactly what you will be getting that last week in May. There will definitely be greens of various sorts. Lettuce, spinach, kale and mustards are all looking like fine potentials. Yummy Spring radish, turnips and maybe even baby beets could all be gracing your table soon. Peas are growing nicely and so are all the brassica’s.  We will likely have some form of onions for you as well.

The rhubarb patch for our farm is growing slowly and in the future we may have rhubarb in the early spring share. I have been able to make rhubarb berry pies with frozen berries from last summer lately. It has been a labor of love!

Can’t wait to be sharing recipes, farm news and stories with you all soon. In the current economy and state of local food affairs we appreciate your support of our farm more than ever. We are fortunate to get to live by the values we represent in growing organic foods for our community. Your support enables us all to share in the local, organic food revolution! We are voting with our forks in favor of small farms and local food, non GMO seed crops and foods without harmful chemicals applied. We are so proud to be able to do this and we hope you are as proud to be a part of it. See you all soon!


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