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There is something amazing to me about the rich smell of the dirt, the soil, the earth. Particularly when it holds the perfect amount of moisture.  Not dry and not saturated just …..alive. This smell in my hands, on my clothes and between my toes seems to contain every smell of summer at once in one deep breath. Everything from fresh potato sprouts to rotting tomatoes, it’s all in there. All that a new season promises…and more!

The past couple of days we haven’t wanted to be inside. Life is moving, changing, welcoming us out to join it and partake in a season of budding, bursting, growing and renewing. Ground has been and continues to be worked, watered, seeded and transplanted into. Grass the larger farm over is getting mowed in upkeep and everywhere we walk on the farm the smell of fresh earthy green follows along. The strips left to grow as buffers and nectaries along roads and fields are bustling with new busy creatures, birds and bees.

The birds are all a flutter nesting and courting. Even our chickens have a fresh, vibrant air to them. Our hummingbirds are back in full force marking territories. Even the true harbingers of the season returned two days ago, the beloved swallows. It is wonderful to hear again their familiar chatter and watch them reclaim their nests under our eaves. All these things hold that promise anew of Spring, of life, of rebirth. It feels like a wonderful gift to share this with my daughters. For them to see and experience the dirt, the sounds, smells and textures, the birds, sticks, leaves, and fresh cut grass means so much to me. Their inherent values for this life are only beginning to form, but there is so much the worms and the beetles can teach them out here!  I am so lucky. I watch and learn from my father on a daily basis about farming, nature ….. life. Much as he did with his father. We love what we do out here. We love eating the plants we grow, enjoying the fresh flowers, herbs, wildlife and constantly inhaling the fresh air. We are blessed and in love with our farm and because of our farm we can share some of this with you.


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