WEEK 23: Last week of CSA 2009 – Newsletter

This Week’s Share:  Potatoes, Winter Squash, Braising Greens, Chard OR Spigariello Greens, Radish, Beets OR Carrots, Onions and “Farmer’s Choice”.

Week 23

This week’s share seems appropriate for the final of this season. Our tomatoes and peppers didn’t quite make it to the end, but we have lots of  Greens and more delicious  Potatoes, Onions  and  Squash  for you all. The  Radish, and Carrots  or  Beets  that remain in the fields are yours this week as well. We also have a bonus item for you, which will be the  Farm Choice.

We want to thank all you members this year for the help and support  in making 2009  an incredible season. It has been our pleasure growing your food and we hope to continue to do so in the years to come. This is a short and sweet note without much news, but please look through past posts if you fall short in creativity or ideas for your bounty this week. We will miss you….until next time…Thanks!



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2 responses to “WEEK 23: Last week of CSA 2009 – Newsletter

  1. for some very simple winter squash recipes, sepcifically Kabocha squash, which many people are never sure waht to do with check out http://www.myveryfirstkitchen.com/kabocha-love/

    Kabocha is one of the MOST delicious sweet squash out there.

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