WEEK 17: September 7 – September 13, 2009 CSA Newsletter

This Week’s Share:  Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers, Summer Squash, Cucumber, Potatoes, Beans and “Farmer’s Choice”.

Week 17

Information, Recipes and Suggestions: 

New to the veggie share this week we have Beans.  Sometimes called string beans or wax beans, green beans are a versatile vegetable that is widely available fresh this time of year or frozen and canned. They are typically green, but there is also a yellow variety, as well as, less commonly, a purple one. We grew a mix of purple, green and yellow wax beans and any, if not all of these kinds you can look forward to this week. This site has lots of information on beans…… mainly green ones, but the recipes are fine for all the colored string beans. Check it out…  http://www.greenbeansnmore.com/index.htm

Also new to your share this week, we have Potatoes.  Technically they are considered new potatoes — or early potatoes. They have not had as much time to convert their sugar into starch. They are harvested ‘new’ for their tender, delicate, sweet flavor. Their skin is not very well developed, and will be very thin in places where it has not rubbed off entirely. Their high moisture content makes their best storage option the refrigerator. They are delicious roasted or baked. We grew Yukon Gold, German Butterball, Binje Red and Cranberry Gem for you this year.  Your share will reflect one or all the varieties, as each of them are currently being harvested. The following recipe is a farm potato classic, simple and easy…Enjoy!   http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/roasted_new_potatoes/

You’ll welcome back more heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumber, Eggplant and Summer Squash  this week as well. Hopefully your not tiring of these summer classics yet.  Please see last weeks post for more info on them.

Also Peppers  are a mainstay item this week. Our bell pepper varieties are doing well and you should have at least one of those. The more colorful ones tend to be sweeter than the typical green bell peppers. Also, you should get a banana pepper this week. They are long, thinner than a bell, and yellow hence the name. Mostly now they are mild to medium flavored. As is the case with most peppers, the hotness depends on the maturity of the pepper, with the most ripe being sweeter than younger ones. Use the peppers for a quick salsa-pico-del-gallo or enjoy fresh in salads. They are very nice roasted with other vegetables as well.

The  “Farmer’s Choice”   item this week might be Broccoli, Radish bunches, Melon or whatever else we come up with! We hope you will enjoy it!


The farm is growing great and all kinds of work is being done now. We had 42 degrees out here this morning and the fog was thick at dawn……..very curiously feeling like fall. We are down to 6 weeks of our CSA left for 2009. It has been going by so fast! It’s nice to be back at the pick-up’s. Looking fowartd to seeing all of you soon.

Iwill post the blurb below, now until the date has passed…or perhaps I’ll just email it to everyone. More general news from the farm next week….

We are excited about planning our 2009 Fall Farm-Member Harvest/Work Party….to which we hope you can all attend. Save the date!….October 10th, Saturday from 10 am – 4ish pm. We want to start the day with garlic planting. Our fall garlic order is in and our field preparation is currently underway.  We’ll start with the garlic ‘work’  for an hour or two and then head to the woods for our potluck and party. We’ll have a grill there and some meat and veggies for grilling, and some beverages with and without alcohol. Please bring a dish to share and/or drink to share, and your outdoor chair and come hang out! Of course foods and beverages hand made with farm fresh ingredients are lovely! Please don’t hesitate to bring the kids, but dogs should probably stay home. Woods tours and farm tours will be arranged for those who want. We are hoping for good weather and a very nice afternoon with all of you who can join us…….please do let us know if you’re expecting to come so I can get an idea of how may cookies to bake. We’d love to see you, and love to have the help from you all participating in ‘YOUR’ farm. Thanks!~


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