Week 11: July 27 – August 2, 2009 CSA Newsletter

This Week’s Share:  Bag of mixed Lettuce greens, Bag of Chard, Bunch of Beets with greens, Summer Squash, “Farmer’s Choice”, and a half-pint of Blueberries.

Week 11 

Recipes, Information and Suggestions: 

Lovely Blueberries  are new to the vegetable share this week. We are pleased to bring all our a members a half-pint of big, juicy Berkeley Blueberries. The taste of these  ‘bigger than most’  blues is considered classic and never sour. Berkeley has a mild pleasing flavor with high dessert quality. Also a good variety for freezing.  Enjoy them in your favorite berry recipe or eat the entire container before you get home!  Here’s a link that I enjoyed reading full of good ‘blue’ information….and check out the Blueberry Pasta Salad!   http://www.blueberryrecipes.org/

We are excited to still bring you  Beets with Greens  for another week. Also  Summer Squash  continues to produce….from our fields to your table!  Enjoy those savory vegetable sauces or roast them on the grill.

Chard greens  are still available, so we hope you will enjoy those this week…..personally, I never get tired of chard.  Has everyone tried Chard Chips yet?  Check this out…….yummo!   http://oddkitchen.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/chard-chips/

And yet again for another week  the lettuce hangs on in a fresh bag of your Mixed Lettuce Greens. Say hooray for more cool, crisp summer salads. Remember humidity is key to keeping lettuce crisp, so be sure to keep it stored in a plastic bag or container with a lid.

Lastly, “Farmer’s Choice”  will be in the share again this week. Tomatoes, Eggplants and Peppers…oh my! Also, Cucumbers or various root crops may be present as well.

BERRY-SHARE:  Member’s of our berry-share will receive their two Full-pints of  Blueberries this week.  This is week 7 of the 10 week berry-share, so three more to come.

FARM NEWS:  Okay, so here is the ‘real’ heat wave…! Last week was nothing compared to what temperatures lay ahead this week! The true triple digits are here now……. Hope you are all staying cool.  It is a struggle for us out here to keep cool, but so far we are managing okay.  Sprinkler’s are nice….!

 Sweet corn is tasseling…hooray! We may have corn for everyone as soon as next week. Tomatoes and peppers are starting to come on nicely and soon should be a mainstay for everyone for a few weeks. Farmer Kip said we may be facing some moderate bean failure this year….let’s keep our fingers crossed that the blooms don’t all abort and that we can hold on to a harvest.  Melons are growing on nicely as are our potatoes. We are about in the middle of our 23 week season now. 

Still no new baby to report, however I will likely be absent this week from the pick-up, although someone will be there to help you. Still no lap-top either, so I apologize about the photo-spread and/or if email returns to you are slow….we’re working on that.  Thanks for your understanding.  Hope you enjoy this week’s bounty and we’ll see you all soon!!


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