WEEK 10: July 20 – July 26, 2009 CSA Newsletter

This Week’s Share:  Summer Squash, Bunch of Beets with Greens, Head Lettuce, 1/2 pint Blackberries, and “Farmer’s Choice”.

Week 10

Recipes, Information and Suggestions: 

The various types of  Summer Squash  are still a mainstay in the vegetable share. We hope you are starting to think about getting creative with them.  We love to make fresh pasta sauces with them a couple times a week. They are light and wonderful with fresh herbs and tomatoes (Farm tomatoes will be coming soon!).

A nice Bunch of Beets with Greens   is in the share this week. Either red or golden or a mix. We are glad to bring these to you in the heat yet again. They actually look very nice and the greens are fairly well in tact despite our pests who devour them. Enjoy the greens braised just like chard and the beets roasted or however you prefer them….

You’ll find a Head of Lettuce  in the share this week. Lettuce usually takes a hiatus from the weekly share in the heat, but is still hanging on this week……the end is coming soon.

A 1/2 pint of Blackberries  makes the regular vegetable share this week for the second week in a row! Some of you may get Marion’s, but some of you may get the late blackberry growing at the farm, the Waldo berry. Either way, these fresh morsels are great for the evening smoothie or milkshake, morning cereal or batch of weekend muffins. Hope you are enjoying Oregon’s bounty in berries here at the Love Farm.

Lastly, this week we have the “Farmer’s Choice” option again. We are really going to run the gamut in choices for you this week. New crops are coming on, but not high enough in yields to offer them to everyone at once. Also, things we’ve had before still remain, ready in the field in shorter numbers. Yet, as is the case with farming, we have to harvest regardless! Some of the possibilities that I know of right now are bunches of radish and/or bunches of turnips. These typical cool season crops have remained in the ground only in small pockets and beds around the farm. You may get the first of the cucumbers starting to come on. You may even have an eggplant or a small basket of plums, a cabbage or a bunch of kale. Whatever the choice is for you this week, we hope you can welcome and enjoy it at your table.

BERRY-SHARE:  Member’s of our berry-share will receive their two pints in black-berries this week. They could be Marion’s but they may be Waldo’s. Even less likely, some of you may be getting two pints of blueberries. This is week 6 of the 10 week berry-share.

FARM NEWS: Get ready for the heat wave!! We hope that all you members can all stay cool this week, and we hope all our rooted friends here on the farm can do the same. Record heat is expected later in the week, approaching the triple digits. This is stressful on the farm, because we have to work very hard to keep things from drying out, but it is also great news for the melons, peppers and other heat loving crops. It will likely put a shorter season on the blackberries however, and we will also struggle to keep all our greens growing happily. Things are looking good though…..beans are flowering and forming fruits in medium amounts and potatoes are getting their third covering. Peppers are in medium to full flower as well. We hope to have some herbs, particularly basil and hopefully cilantro for you soon as well.

I know I have been promising a mid-season photo spread for you, but my lap-top has decided to take a dive on me. I am restricted to computer use only in the office now, and it’s a struggle in time management for me to do so. As most of you know, we are very soon expecting the arrival of our second child. I am 11 days out from the due date today. We will keep you posted, of course. I’m sure I will still be seeing all of you this week, so until then…enjoy your local, organically grown food from us and THANK-YOU for your SUPPORT!


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