WEEK 9: July 13 – July 19, 2009 CSA Newsletter

This Week’s Share:  Mixed Lettuce, Summer Squash, Allium Mix, Either Kale/ Collards/ or Spigariello Greens, and a 1/2 pint of Marion Berries

 Week 9

Recipes, Information and Suggestions:  Member’s will find that this week’s share is much like last week’s share, minus the fava’s and add the Marionberries. We are excite to finally bring you all Marionberries! These are Oregon’s very own special berry and if you have never tried them, we think you’re in for a treat!  

The Marionberry is a bright, glossy blackberry with medium to large fruit, somewhat longer than wide.  It is special to the area because it is named after the county in which it was developed, and 90% of the world’s Marionberries are grown near Salem.  There are only a handful of areas in the world where caneberries thrive and Oregon’s Willamette Valley, known as the Caneberry Capitol of the World, offers the most favorable of all climates.  The Valley’s moist spring rains, and summers that are warm in the daytime and cool at night, provide just the right conditions to  produce berries that are sweet and plump. Marionberries ripen through spring and early summer, reaching their peak during July.  They are usually hand-picked early in the day.

The berry’s taste is distinctively sweet, yet has a mildly tart and lasting flavor.  It has a serious following among berry aficionados, and is one of the most popular souvenirs purchased by visitors to the Willamette Valley. Health-minded consumers find them a nutritional bargain. Just 65-80 calories per cup, they are high in vitamins and fiber, yet low in sodium and fat. Marionberries are well-suited for use in local fresh markets, and are used for commercial and home canning and freezing as well as pies, ice cream flavoring, jams, and jellies.

The “Culinate…” site below, recently shared by Jane, a member of ours in Garden Home, has much to offer us interested in local food. I wanted to share one recipe I found that looks delicious…


Collard Greens  make an appearance in the share this week for some of you.  While collard greens share the same botanical name as kale they have their own distinctive qualities. Like kale, collards are one of the non-head forming members of the Brassica family along with broccoli and cauliflower. The blueish-green leaves that are smooth in texture and relatively broad distinguish them from the frilly edged leaves of kale. They are very popular in Southern cooking and recipes. I have a recipe for you to try below…


Others of you will have Kale Greens, or the very similar Spigariello Greens  this week. They are very much interchangeable in recipes or your favorite dishes….please see past posts for more info.

The other foods in the share this week you are likely pretty familiar with by now…Lettuce and Allium’s  (onions of some sort). We hope you are appreciating the weekly lettuce. We usually see it come to an end in the heat of the summer and then hopefully return again in the coolness of fall. The Allium Mix  in your share this week will be any of the Allium’s you have likely seen before, onions, garlic scapes, or leeks, or even an combination of those.

BERRY SHARE: Member’s of our berry-share receive two pints of Marion-berries this week. This is week 5 of the 10 week berry-share.

FARM NEWS: Well we are plugging away out here on the farm doing our best to bring you the most fresh and flavorful, local, organically grown foods as possible. How are we are doing? We have grown significantly this year from last, and so always appreciate your input. This is your farm and we strive to keep you happy AND healthy! We are looking forward to our summer gathering and the opportunity to see those of you who can venture out to visit ‘your’ farm. We want to plan the event for mid August. I promise to post the date soon. Still working on the photo gallery for you….hopefully next time…..until then, happy eating!


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