Happy New Year!

Welcome back! Here we are in 2009 and looking forward to a wonderful season. We have begun the process of filling up our membership for our CSA 2009 . Please don’t delay in getting your sign-up form in….as we hate to have to close the door on those of you that really wanted to join, but waited to contact us. It will be very nice to see all your smiling faces soon, when we all get to start eating seasonal, yummy, local food again.

The Love Farm survived the snow, our greenhouse intact. I will work on getting some snow pictures up. I am also going to work hard at getting your recipes and comments up on a regular basis this year. We hope to, at the very least, comment each week on the vegetables you get, and give out new or interesting information about what’s in your Share here in our newsletter.

Ava, our busy 10.5 month old little girl, kept us completely side-tracked last year as we worked hard to keep your harvests a success. She will continue to do so, without a doubt, but somehow things already seem much more manageable at home and at the farm! We are all getting so anxious for fresh-grown food! We hope that you are as well.

All the best to you…until next time,

Our Squash Princess

Our Squash Princess

All of us at Love Farm Organics


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